CMO Insights: Kira Mondrus, QASymphony

October 5, 2018

Jeff Pedowitz, president and CEO of The Pedowitz Group, sits down with Kira Mondrus, CMO at QASymphony. They talk about building a marketing team from the ground up, performance and accountability metrics in a fast growing team, and the challenges of going global.


About Kira Mondrus 

A multi-award-winning recognized industry thought leader, Kira Mondrus joined QASymphony as Chief Marketing Officer in the fall of 2017. As CMO, she leverages broad-based global marketing leadership experience and deep knowledge of operations and best practices to craft product marketing and brand awareness strategies that drive global demand, exceed revenue targets, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. In her first six months at QASymphony, she devised strategies that were key to the company’s achievement of 130% YOY growth and recognition by and being recognized with numerous industry awards. 
Prior to joining QASymphony, Kira was Director of Global Marketing at Dell SecureWorks, a fast-growing security solutions provider, and the first technology IPO of 2016. In this role she drove demand for prospects and existing customers across all geographies, and oversaw sales enablement and marketing operations. A highlight of Kira’s tenure was leadership of a demand transformation initiative, the outcome of which was an award-winning Perpetual Demand Generation engine that delivered 65% larger deal sizes, significantly improved win rates, and surpassed all major industry performance benchmarks. 
Kira’s B2B technology marketing track record of success includes companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. She began her career with Israeli-based start-ups, which led to her recruitment to BMC Software. There she gained 10 years of global marketing experience, held a variety of marketing leadership roles, and earned multiple promotions and outstanding performance awards. From BMC, she went on to lead marketing efforts on behalf of Germany-based SEEBURGER, a provider of managed file transfer and B2B integration solutions. Upon completion of her work with SEEBURGER, and prior to joining Dell, she drove global demand generation efforts at Steelwedge, a cloud-integrated business planning company.
Originally from Canada, Kira holds a Double Honors degree in Public Administration and Russian from the University of Saskatchewan. She is multilingual: English, Russian and Hebrew.

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