CMO Insights: Eva Tsai, CMO at Algolia

November 6, 2018

Today, industry icon and veteran Eva Tsai, CMO at Algolia, sits down with Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO of the Pedowitz Group. She talks about her journey from engineering into marketing, the future of marketing (machine learning and AI) and what she looks for in the team members she hires.


About Eva Tsai

Eva is a Marketing leader and board advisor who excels at applying engineering rigor and innovation to B2B marketing to fuel hypergrowth for start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. She leads marketing and company telemetry to orchestrate the customer journey, builds a recognizable brand, and drives growth worldwide.

Recruited to serve as first CMO for Algolia and to build a worldwide marketing team of 35 people from the ground up, fueling Algolia’s consecutive years of hypergrowth. Algolia has a customer base of 6,000+ companies, including Twitch, WeWork, Zendesk, and Stripe. 

While working with Algolia, she defined and evangelized the company narrative, and re-launched the company website and branding, increasing site traffic by 60%. She also increased brand awareness from a few to 20-30 earned media mentions per month, with award recognition of #1 Private Cloud Company by Glassdoor, Inc. 500, and Forbes Cloud 100.

Eva created a content marketing and demand generation engine to increase marketing-sourced pipeline 2x-3x annually and move the company upmarket to executive buyers. She also launched DevRel (Developer Relations) - hackathons, GitHub Student Developer Pack - to own developer mindshare and Increased account signup 5x annually. In addition, Eva built and recruited a high-performing geographically distributed marketing team and transformed marketing from events only to the full spectrum including corporate marketing, product marketing, performance marketing, field marketing, and developer relations.

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