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Marketing Operations Leader Guide to Strategic Planning Budgeting and Management

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The Pedowitz Group | pedowitzgroup.com | Call us at 855-REV-MKTG | @revenuemarketer Marketing Operations Leader Guide to Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Management (SPB&M) 2 The Pedowitz Group | pedowitzgroup.com | Call us at 855-REV-MKTG | @revenuemarketer As the role of marketing continues to transform from the "pens and mugs department" to a digitally responsive growth driver, it falls to the MO leader to orchestrate an effective SPB&M process. In this effort, marketing becomes integral to the strategy conversation in the company and a business partner to drive growth. The Opportunity and The Challenge for the MO Leader The opportunity for the MO leader is to lead marketing to new levels of credibility, accountability, confidence and visibility. In the SPB&M process defined in this paper, marketing is elevated to a strategic partner in running the business and the MO leader is elevated from running a "button pushing" operation to being a strategic player in growth and performance. The impact on the business is a repeatable, predictable and scalable marketing operations group that enables highly efficient growth. Successfully running a SPB&M practice also enhances the career opportunities of the MO leader. As more companies realize marketing can and should be a growth driver in the organization, executives are looking for those marketing operations executives who have a proven track record in operationalizing a growth engine. Taking more of an investment portfolio perspective to the operations of marketing, the marketing operations leader who can demonstrate a growth agenda including broad expertise in planning, budgeting and optimizing operations, will have a long and full career. The challenge for the MO leader is that she is working in unchartered waters. The rise of the marketing operations function that helps scale efficient growth is still relatively new and not broadly adopted. As this role continues to rapidly gain importance, the broader skills of operationalizing growth beginning with a professional process for planning, budgeting and optimizing the activities of marketing, will be in great demand. The ultimate challenge for the MO leader will be to help run marketing like a business. Reading This Paper Given the importance of SPB&M to marketing and the company, you will learn ■ Best practices from real MO leaders (Quotes and case study vignettes) ■ A 5-step model for how to professionally operationalize the SPB&M process ■ The key tools to ensure success of the SPB&M process ■ The potential barriers to implementing the SPB&M process ■ Details of the new role of the MO leader in orchestrating the SPB&M process and how that differs from "business as usual" ■ How a well-run SPB&M process benefits other stakeholders ■ Next steps for getting started

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