CMO Insights: Tiziana Barrow, Founder and CMO, Tilagia

June 29, 2018

CMO Insights: Tiziana Barrow

Jeff Pedowitz chats with Tiziana Barrow, Founder and CMO of Tilagia, about the customer journey and who owns the customer, providing customers with relevant, valuable content and how marketing and sales should be partners.


About Tiziana Barrow

Tiziana has over 20+years experience in High-Tech. Her career has bridged the client and agency sides of the industry, helping to further advance businesses ranging in size from startup to global Fortune 100.  Passionate about building strategies, innovative campaigns and the teams that thrive to deliver, she is very much a change agent marketer who finds satisfaction in producing quality results.

With several successes in technology and entrepreneurship, Tiziana has been part of building and growing startup companies, including Symantec, the industry’s most popular antivirus software provider and Eloqua (prior to the Oracle acquisition), a marketing automation platform. She has held positions such as Analyst Relations Manager, Director of Competitive & Market Intelligence, Principal Marketing Consultant and more recently as the owner and principal of a Digital Marketing Agency, called Tilagia. These experiences provided her exposure to a variety of industries and use cases, and draws upon these multiple years of experience and consulting to strategies about her clients growth.  

Born and raised in Italy, she has lived and worked in the UK, the Netherlands and across the USA. She enjoys establishing brand awareness programs, accelerating customer acquisition, and leading the creation of thought leadership.  A curious traveler, and overall food aficionado, passionate about startups she can be found networking in the DC Tech Meetup scene.  

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