CMO Insights: Shane Lennon, VirtualCMO

Jeff Pedowitz, CEO and President of The Pedowitz Group, interviews Shane Lennon, CEO of VirtualCMO. They discuss the need for more than one persona, the customer life cycle and journey, the lure of shiny objects in marketing and corporate marketing's biggest upcoming challenge.

About Shane Lennon

Shane Lennon, Chief Marketing Officer at 8 startups, with 4 successful exits. Fractional CMO/CRO/Product/COO roles at several companies from startup to $1BN in digital transformation and market disruption.

Shane has developed a hybrid mix of skills and experiences (marketing and product) over the last 2 decades that allows him to lead, mentor and deliver on GTM (go-to-market) strategy, plans and tactics to align marketing, sales and product in organizations. Early adopter and a leader servant collaborative focus allows organizations to bring product from ideation through launch and into the development of market share with clarity around the customer experience, customer segmentation, customer journey, value proposition, acquisition and retention of customers to drive long term value (for customer and revenue).

Digital centric marketing, revenue and product leader with strong cross-functional customer experience, branding, marketing, product and business development, and technology experience for successful mature and expansion phase organizations. Identify and capitalize on market opportunities to grow market share, deliver digital products, drive visibility and fuel double-digit revenue growth. Strong hands on digital operational experience with markets, IP and organizations in transformation or disruption, with a CEO lens for top line growth. Mentored high performance teams across multiple functions: marketing, digital product, business development and technology. Success in Digital, Mobile, Social Media, eCom, IoT/Wearable, SaaS, Digital Services and High Technology markets in B2B including: Consumer Brands, Media, Travel and Hospitality, Publishing, Education and Financial markets, and in B2C: genz, millennial, genx and grays. Client and Consulting side.

I have worked across numerous vertical markets possessing the skill to be a quick study of value chains, technologies and market segments, to help teams navigate double-digit growth and transformation: anticipating, identifying, prioritizing and accelerating the levers for growth across markets, product/IP, partners and alignment of revenue, marketing and product. A client-side entrepreneur with consulting and agency skills.

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