CMO Insights: Paul Johnson, CMO for Displayit

Paul Johnson, Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Displayit joins Jeff Pedowitz to discuss the tradeshow industry as it stands today, the important role they still play in a company's overall marketing strategy and trends affecting the industry.


About Paul Johnson

In 2014, Displayit brought Paul Johnson on board as the head of the Marketing Advantage team. Paul is responsible for determining clients’ needs, ensuring that Displayit has the right products and services to satisfy those needs, and making it easy for Clients to decide what to buy. Displayit is an ecommerce company that makes trade show exhibits at their 70,000 square-foot headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia, and ships all over the United States. Since 2014, Displayit has organically doubled its business. 

After working in numerous sales roles - from account manager to vice president of sales and marketing - Paul discovered that true sales success is achieved with a healthy marriage of effective product management and smart marketing. Thus, he began his unending pursuit of the “question behind the question,” developing a knack for hearing what others aren’t saying, connecting the dots, and helping people make decisions that solve their problems.

Previously, Paul Johnson worked with Oracle (Siebel Systems), ADP, AkzoNobel, and several smaller firms.

Paul has a degree in electrical engineering. He once rebuilt a manual transmission all by himself, and only had 4 parts left over!

Paul Johnson was a founding director of the Technology Association of Georgia, and co-founder of the Technology Marketing Association. He is an accomplished writer, author of 2 books. In addition, Paul’s advice has appeared in numerous publications including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Selling Power Magazine and Sales and Marketing Management. He is past president of the National Speakers Association Georgia State Chapter.

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