7 New Must-See Marketing Activities Features: The Marketo Sky Blog Series

July 23, 2019 Michelle Lewis

You’re already building the foundation for your success in Marketo Sky. In our first two Marketo Sky Blogs (An Introduction to the New Marketo and How to Use Marketo Sky’s New Search Tool), we reviewed the ‘Navigation Panel’, ‘My Marketo’, and the ‘Search Tool’. Now let’s talk about what is arguably the most important area of Marketo – Marketing Activities! 

Marketing Activities 

In addition to several new features – which we’ll cover in a minute, Marketing Activities has gotten a complete makeover. While most navigational buttons and dropdowns like “New Smart Campaign” and “New Local Asset” are still in the same location, the look is completely different. And it looks great! It may take your eyes time to adjust after having looked at Marketo Classic for so long, but trust me when I say, you will end up loving it. The best way to get used to this new look is to go into Marketo Sky and start using it. However, if you need a little warming up, I’ve provided a clickthrough slideshow below of the most common areas of Marketo and its new look. 



See? That wasn’t so bad! Now let’s talk about functionality. The new Marketing Activities area has some fantastic new capabilities: Mass Actions, Asset Expiration, Saved Rules and Flows and more. Another major change in Marketing Activities is that you can only view one workspace at a time. In Marketo Classic, you could collapse any workspace, but they were still in the Tree area. Now you’ll use the Navigation Panel to navigate between workspaces. 

Now let’s dig into those great new features I mentioned: 

  • Set Load Date Range – Find assets that were created or modified within a specific date range in your current workspace; e.g., last week, in the past three months, etc.  
  • Saved Rules and Flows in Smart Campaigns – Create rules and flows and save them for later. Once saved, drag and drop them into the Smart List or Flow of a smart campaign. 
  • Asset Expiration – Control which content is available for use and during what timeframe. This can be located under the Assets tab in the program. 

  • Stacked Filters – Search by multiple filters at one time. This is a huge step up from previous search capabilities where you could only search by one asset type at a time and date range wasn’t an option. You now have the ability to filter by: 
      • Date Range 
      • Asset Type (including Email, Campaign, Form, Landing Page, Push Notification, In-app Message, and List) 
      • Program Type 
      • Archived Folders 
      • Labels (this is new!) 
      • And any combination of the aforementioned 

Use the search area in the Tree to search your current workspace. You can also click the “Global Search” button to use the Global Search functionality and search the entire instance. You can click on any asset under the Marketing Activities area and it will open in Marketo Sky. 

 *A bug I have noticed is that there isn’t a way to back out of the search once it’s complete.
I had to refresh the page to remove the search term filter.  

  • Label Filters – Add Labels – up to 10 per asset – to any asset to improve searchability. For example, add the label “inbound” to all of your inbound programs to easily search all inbound programs at once. Think of labels as meta tags for your assets in Marketo. 


  • Complete Mass Actions – Approve and unapprove multiple assets and activate, deactivate, and schedule multiple campaigns at one time. This has always been available for assets in the design studio, but this is completely new functionality for campaigns and is now available at the program level for both. This can be located under the Assets tab in the program. 

  • Improved Icons & Badges – The Tree and its associated icons have an updated look. Here’s a breakdown of each icon in a handy visual from the Marketo community – thank you Marketo! Want a more in-depth look? Review our previous Marketo Sky Search Tools blog. I’ve also included a visual of the different icons for each Marketing Activities asset type currently available in Marketo Sky.  


If these new features haven’t gotten you excited to use Marketo Sky, I don’t know what will. These features have come in handy on several occasions for me. What feature are you most excited to use first? 

Get Started Today 

Ready to get started? Use this how-to guide from Marketo to enable Marketo Sky. 

But wait! Don’t forget to send your feedback to SkyFeedback@marketo.com. Your colleagues have already started, and you can view known issues here. 

Be on the lookout for our next Marketo Sky blog post about the Design Studio. Is there a specific topic you would like to see discussed here? Let us know at marketing@pedowitzgroup.com. 

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