An Introduction to the New Marketo: The Marketo Sky Blog Series

June 14, 2019 Michelle Lewis

Since the first Marketo Sky release in October 2018, you’ve probably experienced a myriad of emotions: excitement, anxiety, reluctance? Updates to the Marketo dashboard have been minimal in recent years, so this complete overhaul can be overwhelming. But the changes keep coming and they’re not slowing down, so the time has come. The purple “Open in Sky” box has been looming over you long enough – it’s time to click it.

But you don’t have to go through this alone. We’re here to help guide you along the way!

There are a few areas of the new dashboard that are going to affect your day-to-day life the most: the navigation panel, My Marketo, the search tool, Marketing Activities, and Design Studio.

There are so many new features we can’t fit them all in one blog, so we’ll be releasing a series of blogs about Marketo Sky over the coming months. We’ll cover design and layout, tips and tricks, new releases, and more.


In today’s blog, we’re going to cover the new navigation panel and My Marketo.

Navigation Panel

The Navigation panel now has a permanent place on the left-hand side of your screen. This makes for easy access to the Main Menu, Workspaces, Search Area, Community, Admin, Runnings Tasks, and Subscription Information.

What can you do with these options?

  • Main Menu – Gain easy access to My Marketo, Marketing Activities, and Design Studio.
  • Workspaces – View all instance Workspaces in a drop-down format. This icon isn’t available when in My Marketo – only Marketing Activities and Design Studio.
  • Search – Open a robust search area where you can search Marketing Activities, Design Studio, and Analytics. I discuss this new tool in greater detail in the Marketing Activities section.
  • Community – Clicking this icon will open the Community in a new window.
  • Admin – Clicking this icon will open your Admin area in Classic Marketo in a new Window.
  • Running Tasks – View recent notifications for currently running tasks.
  • Subscription Information – View your Account Information at a quick glance. You can also click View My Account from here and your full account view will open in Classic Marketo in a new Window.

Use the purple tab to expand and collapse the Marketing Activities and Design Studio asset list and search area.

The new Navigation panel puts the most used Marketo features within easy clicking distance and gives you the ability to completely hide the asset list when not in use – a feature I think we can all appreciate!


What’s new in My Marketo? First off, it’s now a customizable dashboard. You can create, edit, clone, and delete widgets to match your preferences using the new “My Personal View” tool.


On each view, you can customize which Widgets you want to view. Currently, you can choose between the Navigation, Marketo Production Status, Recent Blog Posts, and Expiring Soon widgets.

Navigation Shortcuts gives you quick access to the areas of Marketo that you have the most interest in. Customize your selections to meet your needs. Easily navigate to the desired area* by clicking on the shortcut in the Navigation module.

*Currently, only Marketing Activities and Design Studio will open in Marketo Sky.

Marketo Production Status gives you an overview of the real-time status of your Marketo system as well as any current or planned outages.

Recent Blog Posts allows you to access the most recent blogs from the Marketo Community.

Expiring Soon shows a quick view of soon-to-expire assets. You can customize this by Workspace(s) and asset(s) – trigger campaigns, scheduled batch campaigns, and landing pages.



Future widgets will include Campaign Queue, Asset Audit Trail, and Notifications.

  • Campaign Queue will show the status of your smart campaigns.
  • Asset Audit Trail will show recent changes made to assets.
  • Notifications will show a customizable list of recent notifications.

These new features are putting the most important and often used Marketo tools at a quick glance or click away – improving your workflow and increasing your productivity. I can’t wait to see what the next release has in store for us!


Get Started Today

Ready to get started? Use this how-to guide from Marketo to enable Marketo Sky.

But wait! Don’t forget to send your feedback to Your colleagues have already started, and you can view known issues here.

Look for our second post covering the Search Tool! Is there a specific topic you would like to see discussed here? Let us know at

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