The SIX Key Areas of Strategic Marketing Operations | Tom DelMonte

Explore key areas of MOPs with SAP's Tom Delmonte, Head of NA Marketing Operations. Tom shares with us how the marketing ops team is a strategic partner to the head of marketing that enables real business credibility. In addition, Tom shares the six key areas of a strategic marketing ops team that perform the business enablement role and much more! -The Interview Sequence- 00:00 - Introduction 02:47 - Tom Tells Us About His Career 06:37 - The most important functions as the Head Of Marketing Operations 10:37 - Marketing Operations Is Still Like The Wild Wild West 11:30 - Marketing Operations is a strategic partner to the Head of Marketing 14:09 - The Six Areas as Best Practices for A Strategic Marketing Operations Organizations - Strategic Planning And Budgeting - Demand Management - Reporting And Performance Management - Customer Insights - MarTech Stack - Governance And Processes 17:35 - Are We Operating As Efficiently As Possible? 21:03 - Who Does What; What Goes Where 23:40 - What Could Be Centralized? What Could be Standardized? 27:00 - The Old Fundamentals Of Change Management Are Still So Important 30:31 - It Doesn't Matter What Other Companies Are Doing 30:57 - What Advice Would You Give to MOPs? Subscribe and be the first to know when we release a new video Learn more, Follow and Engage with us: 💻Website: 📲LinkedIn: 📲Facebook: 📲Twitter: 📹 YouTube: #digitaltransformation #marketingautomation #emailmarketing #inboundmarketing #customerexperience #b2bmarketing #revenuemarketing #marketingoperations #CMO #CX

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