The New Rules of Marketing Operations & Technology | Scott Brinker at REVTalks 2019

Marketing technology and operations has been accepted as a critical function for executing successful marketing programs and delivering a remarkable customer experience. In this keynote, Scott will distill "The New Rules of Marketing Operations & Technology" embraced by best-in-class marketing teams for (1) centralization, (2) automation, (3) decentralization, (4) humanization, and (5) continuous change. These might sound paradoxical, but that's where the magic of modern marketing operations happens — and how revenue is created in a digital world. Scott Brinker is the VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot. 📲 Follow Scott Brinker on Twitter: 💻 Visit Hubspot's website: 📲 Follow Hubspot on Twitter: REVTalks 2019 was hosted by The Pedowitz Group. 💻 Visit TPG's website: 📹 Follow our YouTube channel: 📲 Follow TPG on Twitter: 📲 Follow TPG on Linkedin:

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