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YOUR PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING STARTED WITH ELOQUA Remember that feeling you had the day you got your driver's license and pulled into traffic, all by yourself, for the very first time? Like most new drivers you were probably eager to take on the world! But, at the same time, you were also likely to be feeling nervous, apprehensive or even downright terrified. Frankly, removing those Eloqua training wheels after the initial implementation can feel about the same. You are full of excitement and in awe of all of the possibilities. But, at the same time, you're scared to death that you might make a mistake. The feeling can be somewhat paralyzing. But, remember those early driving days? You weren't out there cruising the interstate at full speed the first week, month, or even year. Getting started with Eloqua is no different. BY LAUREN KINCKE ELOQUA PRACTICE MANAGER OCTOBER 2015

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