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Zoetis International Streamlining Global Marketing Operations Case Study

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Zoetis Case Study 2 The Pedowitz Group | | Call us at 855-REV-MKTG | @revenuemarketer under its umbrella. However, the challenge lay in finding the most efficient way to expand. The international solution consisted of 4 key elements to facilitate the scalability required. Results Within one year, Zoetis had established the standards that underpinned their increased efficiency and successfully deployed Marketo across international markets, providing access and coverage for up to 41 markets spanning each continent. They also established a suite of centrally managed dynamic templates, which have been localized into over 20 languages for local countries to leverage to the benefit of the entire business. TPG was able to assist them in establishing a dynamic unsubscribe page in over 20 languages, integrating Cloudwords to support asset localization, and introducing revenue marketing culture within the company itself. TPG's unique strategies allowed them to increase engagement with customers through non-traditional channels. By focusing communication across the organization, Zoetis was able to reduce campaign costs by up to 24% while at the same time demonstrating a 20% incremental growth in the business. The company was also able to provide more standardization of data management and data integrity in a single global database and offered an innovative support infrastructure covering all time zones in order to be "always-on" for customers on a global scale. TPG assisted them in growing their customer engagement efforts with the implementation of training and coaching over 15 country administrators and 400+ marketers worldwide. Currently, a total of Step one involved building out six cluster workspaces for the 30 remaining markets. Use of dynamic language and a dynamic unsubscribe page based on country and preferred language allowed each country to dictate the customization of any existing assets within Marketo. Step two integrated Marketo with Cloudwords, which facilitated more effective and efficient localization of existing assets within Marketo. Step three provided the installation of a centralized Marketo expert network of support partners, supporting all continents and time zones with on-demand services against a globally agreed rate card and SLAs. Step four initiated the set-up of regular communication and training conducted at various usability levels to ensure each international market understood the capability of Marketo, and offered suggestions for best practices around the tool. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

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