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THE F IVE S TAGES OF R EVENUE M ARKETING T M C HANGE 1. DISRUPTION 4. ADOPTION 5. ADVOCACY Disruption occurs when the marketing status quo is failing. Some tipping point has occurred, typically as a result of company performance, changing market dynamics, competition, new strategies or shareholder influence. 2. RESISTANCE Resistance to Revenue Marketing™ rears its ugly head…and retreats when stakeholders understand "What's In It for Me?" and demonstrate a willingness to evaluate options. 3. ACCEPTANCE In Acceptance, Revenue Marketing™ gains momentum when key stakeholders are involved in both the dialog and the creation of the Revenue Marketing™ plan. The plan defines why change is needed, what will change, how and when it will change and who is responsible. In Adoption, stakeholders move from 'going through the motions' to personally realizing the value of the change. This creates synergy among all key stakeholders to embrace and optimize Revenue Marketing™. Advocacy is born when Revenue Marketing™ becomes the new status quo. Marketing has a defined role on the Revenue Team and the company has a new way to drive, measure and forecast top line revenue growth.

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