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10 Rules for Effective Lead Management The Pedowitz Group | | Call us at 855-REV-MKTG | @revenuemarketer Set Goals and Objectives Lead management is complex and can take several quarters to get right. Be sure to establish goals over an extended period of time in order to demonstrate progress. Cleanse Your Data Without clean data, you're almost doomed from day one, yet too many marketers ignore this aspect of lead management. Taking the time to clean up your data is fundamental to lead management success. As a result, both marketing and sales will spend less time researching lead information and more time on engaging and qualifying new leads. Don't forget to cleanse your data as you go. Sales and Marketing Alignment Alignement between these two lines of business is the single most important component to lead management. Sit down to discuss and agree upon the definition of a "sales ready" lead. A best practice is to create service level agreements with sales defining a sales-ready lead, lead routing, timeframe for follow up, and consequences when the process is broken. Create Compelling Content Be sure to keep all prospect communication brief, relevant and unique. Include industry news, educational resources and helpful tips to make sure your messages offer value to prospects. If your content isn't compelling, targeted and delivered at the right time, you're likely to be overlooked when buying decisions are made. Nurture All Viable Leads Lead nurturing leverages your content to build relationships with qualified prospects and accelerate their journey through the buy cycle. For every email response, webpage visit and form fill, Invest in Technology Marketing technologies are the foundation of a sound lead management strategy. Without them, you have no way to properly track leads, view digital behavior and analyze campaign results. A complete and optimized technology stack includes marketing automation, CRM, business intelligence, analytics and content tools. The pressure on marketers to deliver pipeline and revenue is greater than ever. Lead Management plays an integral role in monitoring your funnel and forecasting marketing contributions to the business. See the 10 rules TPG has compiled with our engagement of 1100+ clients: I IV II V VI III

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