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Page 0 of 0 © Copyright 2017 The Pedowitz Group. All Rights Reserved 1 Account Persona Environmental Factors Internal Goals External Goals Account Profile Pain Points Client's Value Prop Client's Goal Key Messages Account Name This could be things like: • Cost reductions • Grow through acquisition • Streamline operations • Consolidate manufacturing plants Usually these things are stated in publicly traded company investor relations data What do they say they are trying to do to their customers? What messages has the CEO conveyed in his/her communications to shareholders? What are their ads all about? Value? Price? Company revenue? HQ location? Market position in their industry? Target customers? Employee size? Public or private? Any recent mergers or acquisitions? Were they a success? Any new executive leadership? What is the tone of those leaders? How are they perceived? How do they operate? Centralized or decentralized? Any major people initiatives? Layoffs? Hiring frenzy? What is the culture like? What are our internal coaches telling us about what is happening inside the company? What is causing this organization to change? What do they need to do better/different and why? What is driving any improvements that they are making? Of the internal goals and pain points combined, the value prop here should reflect what items on those two lists your business CAN solve. There will be things that you are not in the business of doing, and therefore are NOT problems you can address These are your revenue targets for this company. Expansion of Business Or increase contact volume from 100 to 700. This could be whatever the sales organization has stated is critical to ongoing business in this account. This is high level, and not worded perfectly. These statements should be simple like: Key customer challenge is x. here are things your should know about x and how to solve for it.

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