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Rise of the Marketing Operations Function

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Who would have thought all this would begin with research on Unicorns? I recently delivered a keynote at a digital asset management event and my topic was Unicorns. Not the fluffy pink and purple kind with glitter! No, I'm talking about the kind of Unicorn that is now the heart and soul of Marketing Operations – the marketing technologist-- called a Unicorn because she/he is such a rare breed. (Seriously, have you ever tried to find and hire one?) As I researched this topic, I became more interested in not only the role of the marketing technologist, but also in the rise of Marketing Operations as a transformative function within marketing. To find out more I spent three months interviewing a group of accomplished marketers who have built and lead a Marketing Operations team. I wanted to hear what was really going on and to better understand their lived experiences. Rise of the Marketing Operations Function Debbie Qaqish Chief Strategy Officer

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