Marketing Automation and CRM Adoption Timeline

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Adopting new technology can feel overwhelming, particularly while being held accountable for ROI. We can help your team integrate your entire marketing technology stack, and optimize both the technology you've chosen and your marketing practices to align with Revenue Marketing™ best practices and achieve optimal results. Vendor Evaluation Start evaluating solutions and setting up demos that show off the product's full capabilities. Involve sales, marketing and IT. u 1-2 weeks Resources Having the right person for the right job is essential. Look into your in-house resources to see who is the best equipped for each main category. u 1-2 weeks Bring on the Experts! Many companies wait until after vendor selection to look for outside experts. Once you have narrowed down the software, bring on a team that has helped multiple companies with onboarding that software. Bring a team in early so they can explain the nuances that might occur with the platform. u 2-3 weeks Testing All successful implementations will have a very detailed testing phase. u 2-3 weeks The Schedule A good implementation can't happen without a proper schedule. At this point , determine when key items need to be completed. • Setup a testing schedule • Determine when the data should be loaded • Develop test scenarios u 2-3 weeks A Quick Review • Does the data model work with both MAP and CRM? • Is everyone on board with the scheduled dates? • Do we have a migration plan for campaigns? • Is the data ready for the new system? u 2-3 weeks Data Analysis Analyze your data set and develop a data model that works with both CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs). u 2-3 weeks Narrow it Down Narrowing the software vendors down helps align the data model and structure as your company moves forward. This helps you understand how the data and processes will be affected. u 1-2 weeks Vendor Selection As your organization learns from the experts, the data model and structure will need to be revised to better fit your CRM and MAP. u 1-2 weeks Mapping it Out Map out how the data will be translated. u 4-5 weeks Campaign Design What is campaign design doing here? I know you may have asked that question, but campaign design is a pivotal factor in adoption. We have to start planning what campaigns will be migrated and when, then start building the content. u 3-4 weeks Launch! This is it! You've successfully launched Marketing Automation & CRM. You've taken the first step and built a strong marketing foundation to help create a more robust Revenue Marketing TM engine. Want to learn more? Discover Now! The Pedowitz Group – The Revenue Marketing ™ Agency, is an Inc. 500 company, two time Pacesetter winner, and three time Marketo Partner of the Year. With more than 500 successful engagements completed, The Pedowitz Group helps global clients transform their marketing organizations from cost centers to revenue centers and achieve superior ROI for their enterprise marketing investments. The Pedowitz Group | | Call us at 855-REV-MKTG | @revenuemarketer Marketing Automation & CRM Adoption Timeline Adopting a marketing automation platform and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is no easy task. There are so many items to account for. Two of the biggest issues are your Legacy Data and how to migrate that data into the new system. You also have to take into account how data sets have to be configured for the new CRM. Then there's field mapping, historic activities, blacklists, unsubscribes etc.. The list goes on and on! The timeline below will put things into perspective during your transition. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 Step 12

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