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5 TIPS TO ADAPT YOUR TEAM TO MARKETO T h e P e d o w i t z G r o u p P r e s e n t s TEACH MARKETO VERNACULAR Learning a new platform can be like traveling to country where you don't speak the language. There's a completely new set of vernacular that your team now has to comprehend. Once you tackle some of the basic Marketo terms, your team will be more apt to use the tool. MAKE THINGS EASY TO FIND It's easier to find your way through a clean house than a messy one. Plan out where your programs and the corresponding assets will live as well as any other related materials in conjunction with these marketing programs so they are easily found by your team members. USE A NAMING CONVENTION Along the line of our clean house, you will want to come up with a standardized naming convention that will apply to every single item that gets created in your Marketo instance. This will help you tremendously as the number of assets and programs in your instance grows. INTRODUCE BASIC CRM SYNC While Marketo is a pretty amazing and powerful platform, it is only one side of the marketing coin. Marketers need to understand the basics of how marketing data is shared with sales via CRM, facilitating better sales and marketing alignment. PROVIDE A CLEAR TRAINING PATH Your marketing team will not adopt to the Marketo platform without a clear training path. Your training plan should include initial as well as ongoing training for your team to acquire and grow their skills. W W W . P E D O W I T Z G R O U P . C O M | I N F O @ P E D O W I T Z G R O U P . C O M | ( 8 5 5 ) 7 3 8 - 6 5 8 4 A s o w n e r o f t h e M a r k e t o p l a t f o r m , y o u r j o b i s t o e d u c a t e y o u r t e a m t o f a c i l i t a t e M a r k e t o a d o p t i o n . Enroll in intro to Marketo training Provide beyond the basics training Test your team with use-case scenarios Make training a part of your team's MBOs Give incentives for Marketo Certification 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. TPG's MarketoNext program provides online and in-person customized training for beginners to advanced admins of Marketo. Visit our website today to see our course schedule.

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