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5 SFMC HACKS YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED AMPscripts to make your life easier Stop spending too much time trying to find a URL or refer back to a previous email for the view as webpage feature. Simply use this AMPscript to insert dynamically into your email. Don't leave out this link as it is commonly used to engage with your emails. %%VIEW_EMAIL_URL%% VIEW EMAIL AS WEBPAGE 1. Ever get a Privacy or Legal team reach out and ask that you update the copyright year for every single email that you deploy? Instead of having to re-edit all emails, use this AMPscript to dynamically change all emails at once. %%=FORMAT(NOW(), "YYYY")=%% 2. COPYRIGHT DATE 3. COMMENT OUT AMPscript isn't just for developers. Practice your AMPscripts within your HTML and ensure your dynamic variables work by using the comment out code hack. When you preview your email, the variables won't be visible, which is much cleaner. Data isn't perfect. One variance that is really hard to fix at scale is proper casing of your customer's names. Use this convenient AMPscript to fix the casing of your lead's names as you use them to personalize your emails. %%=IIF(EMPTY@FIRSTNAME),"INSERT DEFAULT VALUE",PROPERCASE(@FIRSTNAME))=%%. 4. CORRECT CASING 5. CONTENT BLOCKS %%=CONTENTBLOCKBYID("INSERT YOUR ASSET ID FOR THE CONTENT BLOCK"=%% Most campaigns will have repeat elements in them, such as your headers and footers in your emails. Instead of building those pieces each time on your emails, rinse and repeat that content with this AMPscript. Don't want to deal with AMPscripts but want faster production? We're happy to help. Let's chat about how you can expedite your campaign execution (855) 738-6584 NEED MORE HELP? TALK TO US. S A L E S F O R C E . P E D O W I T Z G R O U P . C O M If you want 5 more, then give us your email address. A/B test content CTA

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