5 Ways to Piss Of Sales During Lead Management Implementation

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5 WAYS TO PISS OFF YOUR SALES TEAM DURING LEAD MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION T H E P E D O W I T Z G R O U P P R E S E N T S Know these barriers ahead of time so you can align better with Sales for lead management. CLICKING MORE BUTTONS More Button Clicking = Less Time Selling Marketers get really excited to implement lead management, but that typically means you are asking for Sales to input more information in to the CRM. The more buttons Sales has to click, the more they perceive they are "data crunching" and not selling. WHAT'S IN IT FOR THEM Lead Management Elevator Pitch Lead management is supposed to help sales contact the most qualified leads and expedite the sales process (if done right). You need to make sure you spell out the value for Sales prior to any implementation. Practice your elevator pitch for lead management! ATTACH A CONTACT TO AN OPP We Sell to People, Not to Opportunities In order for Marketing to get credit for sourcing opportunities, Sales must add contacts to the opportunity record. This can be a big change for Sales, but in the long run, it helps both Sales and Marketing understand what activities help create an opportunity. DEATH BY 1000 ALERTS Alert Sales When Sales Needs to Take Action By using a marketing automation platform, Marketers can send email alerts to sales about lead activity. It is crucial that you decide with Sales what alerts they truly want to recieve. Too many alerts and Sales will begin to ignore them, which may cause a gap in lead follow up. OVER PROMISE AND UNDER-DELIVER Be Strategic Lead management can be game changing for both Marketing and Sales, but there is a lot of change involved for both functions. Be strategic in your roll out plan, so that you can hit your deadlines and manage expectations for go live. Shifting timelines and over promising will make Sales skeptical of new processes. W W W . P E D O W I T Z G R O U P . C O M | I N F O @ P E D O W I T Z G R O U P . C O M | ( 8 5 5 ) 7 3 8 - 6 5 8 4 NOT SURE HOW TO APPROACH SALES? WE CAN HELP. Contact us today to set up a call with a Sales and Marketing alignment expert to coach you through lead management implementation.

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