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The Pedowitz Group | | Call us at 855-REV-MKTG | @revenuemarketer Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot Services Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot Services Operationalizing your customer journey The dream is real! You can use marketing automation to better communicate with your prospects and nurture leads for sales. Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot have the power to help you do both and a lot more, including build a lead nurturing process that results in leads with a higher propensity to close. The customer experience is the new competitive battleground, and the Salesforce marketing platforms can deliver the results you need. If you aren't yet measuring, refining and optimizing your customer journey, you aren't driving the results you need for your business. As one of the original Salesforce partners, TPG is uniquely prepared to assist you in operationalizing your customer journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We understand the intricacies of optimizing customer experiences at each stage of the customer journey, and we're ready to help you operationalize it in a Salesforce environment. Our strategic and technical consulting services are designed to help you get the right message in front of the right customers at the right time. Commerce and Sales Content and Experience Social and Relationships Data Advertising And Promotion Customer Expansion Customer Acquisition Overview of Services Enablements Start with a strong foundation. We provide planning, design, execution and training, coupled with thorough documentation of your configuration and processes. We also standardize your lead generation and lead nurturing programs. System Audits and Optimization Drive more revenue by optimizing how you use your system. We prioritize our recommendations across eight key areas of the Salesforce platforms. Integration Design Let us help you integrate your Salesforce instance with your other marketing and sales systems. With our experience and guidance, you can be assured of long-term success and optimal performance. Education Salesforce routinely offers new features and improved processes. Our certified instructors create custom training plans to guide your team and ensure they have everything they need for success in their role. Customized Salesforce Services: In addition to our standard services, we offer customized programs for our clients, including: ▪ Execution services ▪ Campaign management ▪ Custom preference center design ▪ Lead scoring model and maintenance ▪ Landing pages and email template development ▪ Data governance planning and execution

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