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Rise of the Strategic Marketing Operations Function

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If you haven't been paying close attention, it may feel like the rise of the marketing operations function occurred over night. One day we woke up to find over 7,000 marketing technologies available to marketing and a handful of pioneering companies with dedicated, mature, and results-driven MO functions. We found conferences such as MarTech that are dedicated to developing MO as a capability, publishers such as MarTech Today, MarTech Advisor, and MarTech Series dedicated to writing about MO, and over 2,000 open job reqs for marketing + technology on LinkedIn. In 2018, MO is here to stay and now it's up to marketing leadership to figure out how to develop and optimize MO as a strategic and game changing capability. Additional pressures to change the fabric of marketing have derived from new market challenges. Driven by the requirement to demonstrate financial results, the need for company- wide digital transformation, and the pressure to pivot to customer intimacy as a strategy, marketing is under unprecedented pressure to deliver like never before. In this environment, the CMO will need to apply left-brained thinking to solve these left-brained problems. A strategic MO function is crucial to success. Given the rapidly evolving market conditions and pressures, marketing operations as a capability is morphing in front of our very eyes. This white paper characterizes some of the major changes happening. By reading this white paper, you will learn: 1. The five stages of an MO practice, where you are, and where you need to go 2. How a strategic MO capability differs from a regular MO capability 3. How to define your MO charter 4. The three key business drivers for establishing a strategic MO function 5. How to define an MO org structure with roles and responsibilities By Debbie Qaqish Rise of The Strategic Marketing Operations Function

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