Sales & Marketing Alignment: Language, Process and Technology for the Win!

Dr. Debbie sits down with Megen Waugh to explore how to drive greater revenue through better sales and marketing alignment. Megen Waugh is the Global Director for Marketing Programs and Operations at Corning Optical Communications and is a 20 year marketing veteran. Fun Fact: Corning is over 170 years old and developed the optical fiber over 50 years ago. Key discussion points include 1. Stop using ‘marketing speak’ 2. Don’t create a marketing process that you need sales to follow. 3. Get your reporting inside of the same system that your sales team uses. The Interview: 00:00 - Intro 01:35 - Debbie introduces Megen Waugh 02:27 - Creating a better relationship between Marketing and Sales to drive pipeline 04:05 - We stopped talking about leads and MQL's and switched to... 05:28 - Business Operations, Sales and the Opportunity management process 07:30 - Understanding the pain points of the sales organization 09:45 - The reporting shift that motivates teams 13:04 - Why do you think this is so hard for marketing to do? 15:30 - Key takeaways For more strategies, advice, and feedback from top marketing executives, check out other videos in this Get Real with Revenue Marketing series. Subscribe and be the first to know when we release a new video. Learn more, Follow and Engage with us: 💻Website: 📲LinkedIn: 📲Facebook: 📲Twitter: 📹 YouTube: #digitaltransformation #marketingautomation #emailmarketing #inboundmarketing #customerexperience #b2bmarketing #revenuemarketing #marketingoperations #CMO #CX #revops #sales #marketing

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