Launchpad for Success – Marketing Automation Strategy Series – Part 1

Sudha Bahumanyam

In a previous blog post, we discussed how to be a campaign superstar and set yourself up for success for quick deployments.

In this two-part series, we’ll cover the basic elements of your Marketing Automation Strategy. Part one will cover data strategy and marketing and sales alignment.

Implement a more holistic data strategy

Quick Wins

  • Build a data dictionary
  • Assess data normalization needs and contact washing machines
  • Explore data enhancement strategies and third-party integrations

First off, documenting and standardizing the existing fields into a data dictionary would provide a clear picture of the Eloqua database. A Data Dictionary is a guiding document which contains a list of fields and definitions across accounts, contacts etc to standardize data in your Eloqua instance. This can minimize and eliminate integration errors when field and field mapping changes are made.

How to build a Data Dictionary

  1. Evaluate current instance data and values
  2. Agree upon standardized values and data types with marketing and sales for system alignment
  3. Cleanse the data in your Eloqua instance through one-time uploads for non-picklist fields and a contact washing machine to maintain clean data for fields that utilize a picklist
  4. Document the clean version of all fields by using the data dictionary template

Data Normalization through Contact Washing Machines

It is possible through existing data points to standardize and create fields needed for persona development. For example, if there’s a country list which contains disparate data, it could be standardized to contain clean data values perfect for segmentation. Through program builder, a few update rules and a lookup table, your data can be prepped for use in no time. For a full guide on how to do just that, click here.

Data cleansing and best practices

If you want to move towards the buyer’s journey mapping and persona development it is important to understand your target audience. It’s also important to understand which avenues are available to enhance your available data – whether it’s progressive profiling across forms or using a Oracle Marketing Cloud apps and third-party integrations. Customize your data strategy by choosing data management strategies for your organization.

Align sales and marketing for optimal results

Quick Wins

  • Meet with Sales to discuss or revise the lead management strategy.
  • Sales enablement through sales tools – Profiler and Engage

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Aligning with sales is really the first step as an organization to develop a cohesive and realistic strategy to drive funnel growth. Understanding each other’s priorities and limitations is one thing and agreeing upon SLAs, funnel numbers like MQLs, and definitions of funnel stages are very important and crucial pieces of the marketing automation strategy.

Sales Enablement & Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools

Also, providing sales tools like Profiler and Engage and enabling them to effectively support the sales team is a good next step in ensuring everyone is part of the gradual transformation in your demand generation efforts.

With Profiler, your sales team can view marketing activities that their clients and prospects have engaged in including their form submissions, email activity, and website visits as well as their lead score all in the CRM.

Engage enables your sales team to disseminate marketing and brand approved messaging with personalization and tracking.

With your data strategy and sales and marketing alignment set, you’re halfway to launching a successful marketing automation strategy. Stay tuned for part two to understand lead management including campaign development as well as measuring growth and success with meaningful metrics.

If you’re unsure of where to start or need some guidance, get in touch with us to launch your marketing automation strategy today!


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