Tracelink Customer Experience - CMO makes a Digital Transformation with a secret weapon

Tracelink is a pharmaceutical supply chain organization. Tracelink was making the shift from a model of deadline oriented compliance sales to a model of value based selling and upselling value based solutions. Kevin and his team needed to build a system that generated leads and a pipeline that delivered on sales. The Pedowitz Group not only guided the team through the planning, but also through the training and execution of Tracelink's #digitaltransformation -- Contents of the Video -- 00:00 - Intro 01:09 - What would be a lesson learned? 02:30 - The second take-away 02:50 - Moving the team to a new business model 04:00 - Handling a digital transformation organically 05:49 - Working with the Pedowitz Group 08:35 - The CMO doesn't have to do it alone. Find your secret weapon! Learn more and Follow and engage with us: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: #b2bmarketing #digitaltransformation #inboundmarketing #customerexperience #marketingautomation #emailmarketing

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