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The Pedowitz Group launched a new webinar series this month! “The Revenue Marketing TechTalks” is a monthly webinar series geared towards helping marketers understand how technology can help you go digital, engage customers, and grow revenue. Each month we’ll dive into a corner of the MarTech universe with an expert in the space to discuss how these technologies are used and what problems they are solving.

Our second webinar in this series featured 6sense. 6sense’s Account Based Orchestration Platform helps revenue teams compete and win in the age of Account Based Buying by putting the power of AI, big data and machine learning behind every member of the B2B revenue team, empowering them to uncover anonymous buying behavior, prioritize fragmented data to focus on accounts in market, and engage resistant buying teams with personalized, omni-channel, multi-touch campaigns. 6sense helps revenue teams know everything they need to know about their buyers so they can easily do anything they need to do to generate more opportunities, increase deal size, get into opportunities sooner, compete and win more often.


During this month’s webinar, we talked to 6sense about the importance of having visibility into buying signals from multiple people from the same organization across every channel. During the webinar we also touched on the following points:

  •        Personalizing content for strategic accounts
  •        Having visibility into campaign responses & sales touches
  •        Capturing intent signals and connecting it to prospect accounts
  •        Analyzing buying signals over time


To start the webinar off, we introduced what Revenue Marketing is and the 6 Pillars of Revenue Marketing. Revenue Marketing is a proven methodology that enables marketers to go digital, engage customers, and grow revenue in a repeatable, predictable, and scalable way. The 6 Pillars of Revenue Marketing are Results, Customer, Technology, Strategy, People, and Process. Today in the Technology Pillar, we are seeing a lot of technology, and we are finding that marketers are having a hard time staying on top of what’s available and how to use it.


The presenter from 6sense, Susan Peterson Schatschneider Sr. Director Digital Demand at 6sense then started to introduce the topic of ABM Platforms. She introduced us to the shift in how B2B buyers buy:

  •        Anonymous: 10% of prospects who visit your website raise their hand (SirusDecisions).
  •        Fragmented: 9.6 people are involved in a buying decision (Gartner).
  •        Resistant: 12+ highly personalized touches (Forester).

Susan then ended the webinar by going over case studies, ABM buying habits and MQL Marketing and the issues MQL marketing brings; and in walks Account Based Marketing. ABM can help you select the best accounts, know about them, engage the right way, collaborate with sales and track real stuff. The number one challenge with ABM is getting it to scale; it is impossible to execute ABM with any kind of scale without AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


Did you miss the webinar? You can view the 6sense webinar recording here and download the PowerPoint deck here.


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