REVTalks Masters: Ruben Varela

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With all the pressure on marketers to generate revenue, it is easy to become disheartened and lose steam. All it takes is a spark to reignite you. Imagine what 21 of those sparks at REVTalks will do for you? In this new blog series, “REVTalks Masters” we sit down with a few of the speakers from our upcoming event, the REVTalks TM taking place on August 12 & 13 in Boston.

These speakers have climbed the mountain. They and their team have figured out what works and what doesn’t. These interviews dive into their stories and hopefully will help you with your journey to revenue marketing.


Ruben Varela, Vice President at Veracode Marketing, sat down with Zack Elrod of The Pedowitz Group to talk about his topic that he will be discussing at the upcoming REVTalks conference.


Zack: How do you define customer experience for your organization?

Ruben: Customer experience is everything that represents an interaction between our prospects and customers including the sales process, marketing engagement, onboarding, our user portal, training, our success organization, the usage of our application, reporting and KPIs.


Zack: What is your role in customer experience at your organization?

Ruben: My team supports multiple areas of the customer experience; marketing and sales process, interaction with our website and user portal, producing content for education, and enablement for the services and sales teams.


Zack: How does customer experience change what you and your team have done?

Ruben: As marketers, we normally think of the buyer’s journey as a process that starts with awareness and ends with a close business. For companies with SAAS offering the focus needs to change from the Buyers Journey to the Customers Journey that includes many more interactions in the post-sales process.


Zack: What was your biggest discovery or realization when approaching customer experience.

Ruben: We created the concept of hand-shake points. These are the areas where our customers pass the interaction from one part of the organization to another. To our surprise, we map a lot more handshakes than we expected. These handshakes are areas where things can stop working and you run the risk of inserting painpoints with your customers.


Zack: How do you measure your results for customer experience?

Ruben: The primary KPI for us are the NPS score and our renewal rate.


Zack: What are some barriers and accelerators you’ve experienced for customer experience?

Ruben: The primary barrier we have is probably the shift in personal with our customers. These changes are happening at an accelerated speed in a market that has a lot of demand and especially in an industry like security that is experiencing a lot of growth.


Zack: What advice would you give to approach customer experience?

Ruben: Experience the journey firsthand, going through the process of summiting a form, placing an order, get on-boarded, submit a case and use your products. You will always discover new things every time you walk in your customer’s shoes.


We would like to invite you to hear more from Ruben Varela and 20 other revenue masters by joining us at the upcoming REVTalks conference. Each session will be an 18-minute Ted-Talks style presentation designed to inspire you to meet your revenue goals.

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